Change the style of the DOS prompt (C:\)

The prompt is usually specified in AUTOEXEC.BAT and the standard prompt “c:\>” is :

prompt $p$g

Command Effect
$t current time
$d current date
$p current path
$n current driveletter
$v current version
$e escape character
$h backspace character
$\_ newline character
Command Effect
$g >
$l <
$q =
$$ $
$b |
$a &
$c (
$f )

With these characters one can create an individual prompt:

prompt time is: $t$_date is: $d$_path is: $p$g

If one loads ANSI.SYS in the CONFIG.SYS then the prompt is also capable of changing colors by using escape sequences “$e[” (Here Bright Red and Green).

prompt $e[1;31;40m$p$g$e[1;32;40m

More Info MS KB83064
More Info MS KB135484 (Escape Sequences & Color Codes etc.)