Wordpress 4.2 Upgrade

First post after upgrading to Wordpress 4.2 BETA3 (from ver. 2.0) with the following benefits:
  • PHP Engine warnings about being deprecated are gone.
  • Updated theme to use bootstrap, so it works better on mobile devices and Google will not give penalty.
The old problem with taxonomy has not been fixed, but I found a way to fix it for this site.

Performance has gone down hill since Wordpress 2.0, so now a caching plugin is even more important:
  • Old Version - FrontPage: 14 queries. 0.131 seconds
  • New Version - FrontPage: 23 queries. 0.266 seconds
  • Old Version - Single Post: 12 queries. 0.086 seconds
  • New Version - Single Post: 29 queries. 0.326 seconds
Please tell if something has been broken in the upgrade.


  1. Michel says:

    Hey there,

    Is the plugin 'Category Slug Hierarchy' you created in order to fix the issue where duplicate slugs for WooCommerce categories aren't allowed?
    I'm trying to achieve something like:

    But, as you know, due to Wordpress's logic this is prevented so it doesn't confuse itself. Though I think allowing it for scenario's where you don't plan to move around categories would be great to have an option. Any ideas on how to make it work?

    • Snakefoot says:

      Hi Michel

      Yes that the is the category-slug-problem which the "Category Slug Hierarchy" tries to solve.

      By default the Wordpress Engine will only lookup the category based on the last slug in the url.

      It is probably not the fastest plugin in the world, so remember to test performance if you plan to use it on high-volume-site.

      Before activating the plugin, then I just jumped into the wordpress-database and fixed the slugs when there was different parents. Right now the wordpress-database allows one to have duplicate slugs with different parent. But when creating new categories, then the wordpress-engine will automatically create "unique" slugs. Guess it is not a good solution if frequently creating categories with duplicate names.

      P.S. Sent you an email with an updated plugin script

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