Windows 7 Service Guide is up

Have now put up a Windows 7 Service Guide, with a lot of help from the website. It is pretty much the existing Vista Service Guide with some extra services (19 services in total).

Also added two small Win7 tips: Btw. if using AVG 8.5 and is tired of the nagging popup-offer about upgrading from the free version to the full version, then it can be removed with the following steps:
  1. Go the install folder of AVG and browse to the Notification folder:

    C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\Notification

  2. Create a new sub-folder called upgrade-oportunity-avg85:

    C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\Notification\upgrade-oportunity-avg85

  3. Move all files newer than the 1 July 2009 from the Notification folder to the upgrade-oportunity-avg85 folder. This should include files like:
    • style.css
    • upgrade-oportunity-avg85-message1.html
    • upgrade-oportunity-avg85-message2.html
    • upgrade-oportunity-avgavf85.gif
    • upgrade-oportunity-avgis85.gif
I guess the market for low price antivirus packages will disappear, when Microsoft release their own free product Security Essentials (Currently in beta stage).


  1. Nice information. AVG 8.5 is very nice. And its great to find that it is W7 compatible too.

  2. Nice AVG 8.5 ~ thanks for the infos!

  3. Server-India says:

    Thanks for the information, quite helpful.

  4. Theory says:

    I was not aware i could get rid of those pesky pop-ups in AVG 8.5, great tip thanks!

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