Upgraded bbPress forum to

First the new articles added:

Secondly the bbPress forum has been upgraded to ver. (From ver. 0.8.3). At the same the user integration between bbPress and WordPress has been removed. It seemed natural at first, but this slowly changed:

  • Many of the security issues discovered in WordPress (and fixed) take offset in a registered user (Have now disabled user registration in WordPress).
  • When posting a comment in WordPress, then one seldom want to bother with user login.
  • bbPress is still in beta, so any security issues that might give it access to the Wordpress database is unwanted.
  • bbPress has upgraded the password security, but this is not compatible with the old horse WordPress 2.0

With the upgrade, then it is now possible to perform anonymous posting like when posting comments in WordPress. This has also been used to transfer the topics from the old boardnation forum to bbPress.