Slowly working on moving all the contents to the blog

Have started working on a blog here at, and I’m now slowly working on moving all the contents to the blog. Take a sneak peek if you can guess the URL to the blog.

  • Updated WinNT+ Command Prompt Tip with details of how to start a command prompt with administrator rights. Credits
  • Added Windows Tweak about how the hard disk cache works and how to configure it.
  • Added Vista Network Tip about how the TCP Auto-Tuning feature can hurt network performance. Credits
  • Added Vista Install Tip about how to install NTBackup to restore BKF files. Credits
  • Added some Vista Service Guide links. Though when looking at the changes recommended, then it seems that one should just leave Vista services configuration alone at its default values, as most changes are from Manual startup to Disabled. Windows Vista can prioritize I/O like it can give CPU priority, so background services honoring I/O priority will no longer be trashing the hard disk.