Reopen last browing session in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

When closing IE8, then it doesn’t ask if one wants to restore the tab-session next time it starts (Like IE7 did with “Open these next time I use Internet Explorer” checkbox).

IE8 now always saves the last browsing session, and if wanting to restore the tabs from last session, then one have different options:

  • Open a new tab, and it will display the option Reopen Last Browsing Session on the new tab page.
  • In the Command Bar open the menu Tools and click Reopen Last Browsing Session

I prefere to change my homepage (Control Panel -> Internet Options) to this url:


When starting IE8, then the first tab will give me the option to restore the last browsing session.

Note another neat thing with IE8 is that it can “Reopen closed tabs”, that was closed by accident. Just open a new tab, and it will present a list of previously open tabs.