Configure header and footer when printing web-pages

When printing web-pages from Internet Explorer (Ex. an online book), then Internet Explorer (IE) will insert its own header and footer on each page which doesn’t always look good. Open the File-menu and select Page Setup to configure the way it is printed.

The default header layout is Page-title followed by Page X of X:

&w&bPage &p of &P

The default footer layout is Page-URL followed by Current date:


To understand what the different letters means, then use the following chart to see what the different variables mean (or just press F1 when having placed the cursor in the header/footer-field):

&wWindows Title (Page title)
&uPage URL
&dCurrent date in short format
&DCurrent date in long format
&tCurrent time
&TCurrent time in 24-hour format
&pCurrent page number
&PTotal number of pages
&&A single "&"
&bText immediately following this character is centered
&b&bThe text immediately following the first "&b" is centered, while the text following the second is right-justified.

More Info MS KB306786

Note when printing HTML mails in Outlook, then it will use the Page Setup settings in Internet Explorer. If the margins are set to small, then it might cut off a part of the page. Setting all four margins to .75 should solve this.

Note when printing HTML mails in Outlook Express, then it will use the font size currently selected in Internet Explorer. If the text is too small or too large, then it can be adjusted by starting Internet Explorer and in the menu select View and change the Text Size. More Info MS KB276435