Using dynamic javascript links in Favorites/Bookmarks

It is possible to create special javascript links and place them in Favorites/Bookmarks to help out when browsing the Internet. The Javascript gives the ability of making the links dynamic.

To create a javascript link to see page info about when it was last updated, and whether the page rendering was standard or quirks mode:

  1. Start Internet Explorer and go a web-page like ex.
  2. In the Favorites-menu select Add to Favorites…
  3. Change the name to Current Page Details and press Ok
  4. In the Favorites-menu right-click the newly created link Current Page Details and select Properties
  5. Select the Web Document-tab and change the URL to the following, and press Ok (Ignore the warning):

javascript:alert(“Last Updated - “ + document.lastModified + “\nRender Mode - “ + document.compatMode)

Current Page Details (Right-click and add to favorites to bookmark)

  1. Now when selecting Current Page Details it will display a message-box with the modification-time of the page currently shown.

Another useful javascript link is google-translation to english of the page currently shown:

javascript:document.location = “”+document.location.href;

Current Page Translated (Right-click and add to favorites to bookmark)