Using the command prompt as text editor

Run the this command at the dos prompt:


Now you are copying the input from the keyboard and into the batch file NEW.BAT. It is not possible to modify previous lines, the only option is to start all over. To finish the editing press CTRL+Z.


  1. Donald Brown says:

    The really nice thing about using the command line text editor option is that it is very easy to use. All you have to do, is to simply type in the following at the command prompt.

    copy con filename.txt

    Now with MS-DOS, you were only allowed eight letters or numbers for naming the file. However, with Windows, file names can be much longer.

    To skirt around the eight letter limit, simply use underlines between the words just like the example here below.


    Then all you need to do, is to simply begin typing in the text and then press the control key and the letter z, and you're done writing the text. Then just close out the DOS console window, and your file will appear where you had written it. Pretty simple huh?

    OK, so this text editor doesn't ahve any features, but it is sure a great way to begin taking notes, or writing what you need to write on the spot.

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