Tips and tweaks


  • Award BIOS settings

    Detailed description of most settings in the Award BIOS.

  • BIOS Central

    Technical information about different BIOS brands along with PostCodes and BeepCodes.

  • PC Guide - System BIOS

    Describes how the BIOS functions and the most common settings.

  • Tech ARP

    Adrian’s Rojak Pot has the most extensive BIOS bible on the Internet.



  • AXCEL216

    Axcel216 (George Gombos) has many tips, through a little difficult to browse.

  • Bob Cerelli

    Tips for Windows and Office, which are nicely categorized.


    Information, tips and troubleshooting information about Microsoft Windows.

  • Microsoft Communities

    Searchable newsgroups about how to solve problems with Microsoft products.

  • Microsoft Resource kit documentation

    Microsoft’s own listing of resource kit documentation for most of their products.

  • Microsoft Technet

    The best placed to find solutions for your Windows blues.


    Tips, Tweaks, Hacks and information about Windows and Office

  • Sandi’s Stie

    Good information about Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

  • TechSpot

    Former 3dSpotLight with easy to follow tweak guides with many pictures.

  • Tweak3D.Net

    Different tweak articles for Windows for every occasion.

  • Vista Forums - Tutorials

    Extensive guides of how to configure most things in Windows Vista (Would be nice if they had a RSS feed of the newest tutorials).

  • WinGuides Network for Windows

    An ocean of information about how to configure Windows.

Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

Windows 95, 98, Me

Network, Dialup, Cable, Modem


Security Check

  • BrowserSpy

    Shows you how much your Internet Browser is telling to the Internet.

  • Hacker Watch

    Can probe your firewall to see if it is working.

  • Qualys: BrowserCheck

    Tests if your Internet Explorer is open for attacks.

  • Scanit: BrowserCheck

    Tests if your Internet Explorer/Mozilla is open for attacks.

  • Shields Up

    Test your firewall and its ability to shield against attacks.