Wordpress 4.2 Upgrade

First post after upgrading to Wordpress 4.2 BETA3 (from ver. 2.0) with the following benefits:

  • PHP Engine warnings about being deprecated are gone.
  • Updated theme to use bootstrap, so it works better on mobile devices and Google will not give penalty.

The old problem with taxonomy has not been fixed, but I found a way to fix it for this site.

Performance has gone down hill since Wordpress 2.0, so now a caching plugin is even more important:

  • Old Version - FrontPage: 14 queries. 0.131 seconds
  • New Version - FrontPage: 23 queries. 0.266 seconds
  • Old Version - Single Post: 12 queries. 0.086 seconds
  • New Version - Single Post: 29 queries. 0.326 seconds

Please tell if something has been broken in the upgrade.