Jakob Laursen

Jakob Laursen and I met in High School. He is a bit of a sporty type, but he also have time to work on his domain. He runs the place with the brother of Mette Vitisen, who among humans is called Rasmus.
Their site is dedicated to games, and keeps tracks of rumors, releases, demos and updates, but you will have to know danish to enjoy this place.

Dan Lindberg

Dan Lindberg is an unique person which I met in military. He spend a lot of time on a Net-Cafe which he ran with some friends. And through that he became part of a secret cult. Though you might think that when it is secret, it is not something to tell about, but it is actually secret because very few in this world know about it. The key word in this cult is to boil, which he is very good at acting as member Gnug215.

Bent P. Svendsen

Bent Svendsen is one of those I shared the pleasure of working with at BEC. He is a programmer, like me, and he is a good one too. He is also a dedicated quake-player(Actually he plays almost any 1st-person shooter).

He is part of a group who is running a site about a Quake-mapeditor called Quark. When writing he is using decker as nickname. Besides that editor the site also have an eye on what is happening in the game scene for 1st-person shooters. Go have a look it is pretty professional.

Jan Møller

Met Jan at a net-party some time ago, and since then we have been meeting again for several more netparties. Jan is educated as IT engineer and have started his own company Exodus IT that helps poor souls from their IT misery.

Morten Rasch

Morten showed up when I was studying at a business college about computers. We didn’t talk much there, but fate worked in a peculiar ways, which meant that we got enrolled in the same unit in the military. There we struggled together to make it through.

Morten have been working at an Internet Portal called and for supermarket chain called Coop Danmark. Where he has been programming web pages, though that is not reflected on his homepage yet, but I have feeling that it will come.

Peter Nikolai

Met Peter through my older brother Dennis. He is into physics and math along with computer science. He also has a dear relationship to smooth drinks and good joints and he is very enjoyable to be with. Though suffers from always wanting to say his honest opinion about everything and everybody, especially if someone or something is annoying him.

Finn Bendixen

Finn is probarly the main reason why I went to work at BEC for so many years. We started the same day, and since that day we have been helping each other to get through the day, without starting to scream in frustration of the everyday routine.
He has a very good sense of humor, and is always ready to drink a beer or two or three or.
But still able to do a serious job and can be well trusted, as long you don’t expect to get your CDs he borrowed back at the time he promised :o).

Steffen Rasmussen
Benneth Henriksen

Benneth grew up at the same town as me, and when we first met, then we were probably both wearing swimming trunks. Later we went to the same public school and high school. Benneth believes firmly in rules and order, and don’t like things to be left undone. But if the current rules in some way keeps him from getting what he wants, then he is always ready to bend the interpretation of the rules to suit his goals.

Jan Winther
Mikkel B. Hansen
Martin Samsoe
Dennis Kristensen