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    Hey Guys,

    I’m not a newbie “But” I have a system that I built and never had time to play with. I purchased all the products in 2001 and just got around to assembly. I am confident of the assembly but am having some Windows problems. The system is as follows: Windows 98se OS, Asus A7V mb w/Athlon 1Gig proc and 512 Mb ram, HP 75 Gb deskstar H.Drive, Hercules 3D Prophet II 64Mb Vid card, Soundblaster Live Platinum 5.1 S.card, Aopen 300w Power supply, Hewlett Packard 8Gb Colorado Tape drive, Cdr-Rw, and 1.44 Floppy drive.

    I know that I will eventually master this thing but I need a little help from some experienced people. I cannot make a startup floppy disk or format a 1.44 floppy in graphics mode with the floppy drive. I can do both in dos without a problem. I have swapped the floppy from my other machine, and bought a new one and still get the same result. I can copy files to and from the floppy disks on this machine and to and from my other machine no problem. After Formatting my Hard drive and reinstalling Windows many times and checking everything in the bios many times I got stuck. I flashed the newest bios version “1011” and updated the Via 4in1 drivers ver.# 4in1_438(2)v(a).exe suggested by via because of age of my card. I have spoken with Asus, Creative, Hercules, and Microsoft. I am at the point of being put into the problem resolution board of senior techs at Microsoft finally after speaking with ten different lower techs. The only problem is that they can’t figure it out either and told me it is now in the hands of the “Development and Engineering Dept.” and they will get back to me. I have checked and compared i/o conflicts, and IRQ assignment, etc. etc. etc.

    I basically have no registry experience, but am willing to learn. I keep sticking to the Idea that the problem is in the registry but do not have a clue how to figure it out “obviously”.

    Any suggestions short of buying a new machine would be appreciated as I spent a lot of $ at the time I purchased this money pit and have spent literally hundreds of hours trying to make it work. I learned a lot in the process. Please HELP!!

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    Haven’t had the problem myself, but when reading newsgroups at google, they suggest two causes:

    1. The brand of floppy disks is bad (Try 3M disks)

    2. Hardware conflict (As you suggested yourself)

    To solve the hardware conflict one have to cut down the problem domain, so I would start to remove any hardware not needed(Sound, Network, etc.) and disable all onboard devices the motherboard has(COM+LPT+USB ports etc.) .

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    Thanks for the reply. I have purchased new premium quality Sony floppy discs. I can use these discs to copy files to and from the discs on this machine. I can format and make a startup disc in dos. I can make a startup disc with these discs on my other Windows machine. Because I can do all these things in Windows and DOS but cannot make a startup disc in graphics mode on the problem machine, this leads me to believe that the registry string which tells graphics mode Windows how to make the startup disc and what instructions and files to use is somehow corrupted or incorrect do to the floppy disc being unusable after trying to make the startup disc. I then reformat the disc on my other machine and can use it for every normal function of the floppy drive on the problem machine except making a startup disc. The big problem is that I am not registry literate and do not know where to look for this string, or how to compare it to a registry string in a properly funtioning in a Windows 98se machine.

    I have reformatted my hard drive many times and done a clean reinstall of Windows everytime with all PCI devices removed. I also made sure to set bios to default setting before formatting. The ability to make the startup disc stops the minute the Windows Install is finished as I can make one during the install process. I have installed all Microsoft 98se updates before any drivers, after drivers, before and after 4in1 drivers, with the plug and play enabled and disabled, with and without the IRQ steering enabled in the PCI BUS in Device manager. I have checked and double checked the I/O addresses for each device in the device manager to ensure there are no conflicts and enabled and disabled com ports, USB, serial ports and the parallel port in every possible order and configuration. I have spoken with “Easily” ten Microsoft techs and tried every possible configuration, However none of these techs has ever ventured into the registry. It is like the plague has arrived every time I mention it which leads me to believe that do not have the technical knowledge to venture there. I backup my registry before and after everything I try including driver installs, and program installs. I run sfc, scandisk, and defragment the drive after every operation to make sure something else is not complicating the process. I also keep a constantly updated tape backup.

    Because the people who wrote the program can’t fix it I am on a ‘Mission” to find the answer. Please tell me what you think as I am at a standstill.


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    Maybe these news posts at google can help ya:


    Why does Win95/98 hate my floppy disk drive

    Proble with formatting a floppy

    The only thing you will find in the registry related to this problem is the configuration of the floppy-disk-controller (Along with the other devices in your computer)..

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