Category: Desktop

Change OEM branding of the Welcome Center

The Welcome Center applet can be modified to display OEM name and logo.

Restore search context menu option in Vista SP1+

The "Search..." context menu option has been removed with Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Configure automatic detection of folder type

Windows Explorer tries to guess how to display a directory, by looking at the files within.

Configure the thumbnail cache for picture preview

The thumbnail cache allows the Windows Explorer to show preview of pictures, but also makes the browsing slower.

Activate Aero Interface on Windows Vista Home Basic

Bypass the restriction of not being able to use the Aero interface on Windows Vista Home Basic.

Send To Toys

Utility that can extend the functionality of the sendto context menu.

Faster start menu search by not searching all files

The start menu search in Windows Vista will by default search all folders and files in My Documents folder.

Remove drive-letters for removable drives from Send-To

Configure whether it should display removable drives like Floppy, DVD and Network drives in the Send To context menu.

Change OEM branding of the system information applet

The System Information applet can be modified to display OEM name and logo.

Change the display of drive-letters in Windows Explorer

Control in what order the drive letter and label should be shown in My Computer.

Configure the file association for unknown file types

Change whether it should use the Internet to determine what application to use for opening a file of an unknown type.

Configure the explorer file sort to be like in Windows 2000

Windows Explorer file sorting can be changed from logical number compare to just one digit at a time.

Creating the Show Desktop shortcut

The Show Desktop shortcut in the quick launch bar can be restored if deleted.

Create keyboard shortcut to quickly launch a program

How to configure a keyboard shortcut as a hotkey to quickly start an application.