Category: Windows 95 / Win95

No boot device found or available

Computer cannot start if no proper boot device exists, or if the active boot device fails.

Mapping FTP server as a network drive letter

Utilities for mounting a FTP folder as a mapped netwok drive.

Description of the hard disk cache

The hard disk performance is very dependent on the configuration of the disk cache.

Extend the Windows Explorer context menu with Copy Path

Make it easier to copy the location of a file to the clipboard.

Open DOS Command Prompt Here

Extend the right-click context-menu of a folder to open a DOS command prompt.

Create shortcut to "Run..." in the Start Menu

The Run... option in the Start Menu can be launched using a shortcut.

Extract files from a MSI package

The Microsoft Installer (MSI) Package file is a compressed archive, which can be decompressed.


Utility that can generate a wallpaper, which includes the computer system details.

Utilities to configure file associations in Windows Explorer

Utilities that makes it easier to modify the Windows Explorer context menu for the different filetypes.

Replace Microsoft JVM with Sun Java Runtime

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM) contains security flaws and should be uninstalled and replaced with the Sun Java Runtime.

Description of host name resolution order

Description of the different ways Windows can convert a logical network name to a physical address.

Configure host name resolution order in Windows 9x

Configure the priority of how it should lookup the physical network address of a computer.

Install support for zip files as compressed folders

Extension for the Windows Explorer so zip files can be opened like a normal directory.

Configure the Task Scheduler Log

How to configure the location and size of the task scheduler log with all its events.

Windows 98 Resource Kit

Collection of small utilities created by Microsoft to make life easier.

Program startup order in Windows 9x

Description of where and in what order programs are loaded at startup.

Configure drive letter for the CD-ROM Drive

Assign specific drive letters for removable drives.

Diagnose performance issues with network hardware

Description of different causes and solutions to network problems.

Configure password encryption level in Windows 9x

How to configure the password encryption level for better security.

Description of password encryption in the Microsoft Network

The different password encryption algorithms available in the Microsoft Network.

Description of SMB signing in the Microsoft Network

How the security features in SMB signing can protect the network.

Change OEM branding of System Properties

System Properties can be modified to display company name or company pictures.

Extend Folder Options to include your own tweaks

Folder Options can be extended to easily configure other settings in Windows.

Using smart drive for faster boot time

Optimize the boot time of Windows by using the DOS disk cache until the Windows disk cache takes over.

Diagnose startup problems with the Boot Log Analyzer

Utility which scans the bootlog.txt and displays the time it took to load each driver.

Troubleshooting a dial up connection in Windows 9x

Collection of Microsoft articles to help in troubleshooting dialup modem failures.

Configure the Windows taskbar

Changing the behavior and visual appearance of the task bar.

Rebuild icon cache to fix incorrectly displayed icons

The icon cache can become corrupted and lead to icons being garbled.

PC Speaker driver for Windows 9x

Device driver for the PC speaker so it can play WAV files in Windows 9x.

Manually remove programs from the Add/Remove list

How to manually uninstall an application and remove it from the Add/Remove list.

Turn off the beeping from the PC Speaker

Disable the beep from the PC speaker when Windows performs an alert.

Letter Assigner

Utility that allows one to change drive-letter assignments for hard disk partitions.

Windows Explorer file copy replacement

Enhance the file copy abilities of Windows Explorer

Install Active Desktop in Windows 95 / NT4

Installing Active Desktop without needing to install Internet Explorer 4 first.

Windows 98 regedit

Modified version of Windows 98 regedit, which can be used in Windows 95.

Configure SMB signing in Windows 9x

How to increase the security of the Microsoft network by enabling SMB signing.

Retrieve a lost CD-Key from the registry

Where to find the cd-key for the current Windows install.

Description of Master Browser in the Microsoft Network

The use of the master browser in the microsoft network, and how it is elected.

Reveal password hidden under asterisks

Utilities to recover lost passwords, which are only shown as asterisks.

File and Partition Recovery

Recover deleted or damaged files (and partitions) with undelete / unerase utilities.

Configure Autorun for different drives using policies

How to configure autorun for the different drive types.

Use extract.exe to restore a system file

How use the extract utility for restoring a file from the Windows install CD.

Configure the taskbar Start Menu

Changing the behavior and visual appearance of the Start Menu.

Configure master browser election in Windows 9x

How to configure whether Windows 95 / 98 / Me should participate in the master browser election.

Extracting the cd key from the registry

Utilities for extracting the the cd-key from the registry database.

Customize the default registered identity

How to change the name and company registered as owner of the Windows installation.

Improve system stability by removing ghost devices

Description of ghost devices and how they can be removed in safemode.

Configure several IP Addresses for a single network adapter

How to configure a network adapter to be part of multiple subnets.

Configure Mouse Acceleration

Mouse is accelerated when moved in a single movement to make the Windows nagivation easier.

Load balancing over several Network Adapters in Windows 9x

Configure how the TCP/IP should respond when multiple network adapters are installed.

Checkpoints for fixing a bad or corrupt BIOS flash

Description of different alternative ways for recovering from a bad BIOS flash.

Checkpoints for fixing no BIOS POST

Steps for fixing a computer which cannot perform BIOS POST.

Checkpoints for fixing hardware conflicts

Steps for finding what hardware devices that is causing problems.

Active CPU meter in systray

Utility that monitors the cpu usage and displays a small cpu meter in the taskbar.

Pro and cons for using multiple disk partitions

Describes the benefits and the costs of using multiple partitions.

Configure TCPIP settings for better performance

Increase the speed of the network connection by changing the TCP/IP settings.

Disable the page file to avoid using the slow HDD

Disabling the page file to prevent Windows from unloading memory to the hard disk.

Configure Windows 9x to handle more than 1 GB RAM

Make it possible to run Windows 9x with 1 GByte RAM (or more).

Creating a Local Area Network (LAN)

Setting up a computer network, and steps for troubleshooting errors in the computer network.

Setup switches for Windows 9x installation

Useful command line switches that can be used when installing Windows 95 / 98 / Me.

Finding the optimal TCPIP receive window size

Using PING to test the network connection and calculating the best TCP/IP receive window.

Remote Desktop Client

Remote Desktop Client can take control of a remote computer running Microsoft Windows.

WMV & WMA Codecs for Windows Media Player

Windows Media Video (WMV) and Windows Media Audio (WMA) codecs for Media Player 6.4 and 7.1

Configure the picture used as background wallpaper

Configuring how the wallpaper should be displayed using registry settings.

Change path of where Windows looks for wallpapers

Change the default wallpaper folder used when changing the wallpaper in Windows.

Configure the My Computer security zone

Display the My Computer security zone along with the other security zones for configuration.

Using router metric to specify primary gateway

Description of how router metric works, and how to use it to prioritise gateways and perform simple load balancing.

Windows virtual desktop management utilities

Virtual Desktop Manager utilities can give even more room on the Windows desktop.

Windows Shell Replacement

Alternative window shells that to change the desktop experience.

Make icon text background transparent

Fix the background color for the icon text, so it doesn't ruin your favorite desktop wallpaper.

Diagnose performance issues with IDE ATA hard disk

Description of different causes and solutions to hard disk performance problems.

Configure zip and cab files as compressed folders

Open zip and cab files in Windows Explorer like they were normal directory with files.

Windows Me Defrag Utility

The disk defragmenter in Windows Me is faster than the one released with Windows 95 and 98.

Use HOSTS file to ban ads and speedup DNS lookups

How the HOSTS file can be used to customize the host name resolution.

Configure the read-ahead cache for cdrom/dvd drives

How to increase the size of the read ahead cache used for cdrom and dvd drives.

Disable power management features to maximize power usage

Power Management support is not supported very well by Windows 9x and should be disabled.

Increase the priority of the foreground application

How to give the foreground application higher priority, so it will not be disturbed by background processes.

Boot Manager

A boot manager can help with running multiple operating systems on the same machine.

Extend context menu with Move To and Copy To options

Add "Copy To Folder..." and "Move To Folder..." when right-clicking a file.

Display the Windows version on the desktop

When BETA testing Windows versions then it can be rather useful to easily see the build version on the desktop.

Windows 95 font smoother

Utility to configure font smoothing for true type fonts in Windows 95.

Creating the Show Desktop shortcut

The Show Desktop shortcut in the quick launch bar can be restored if deleted.

Configure the color resolution of Desktop icons

Display Desktop icons with all possible colors.

Improve 16 bit DMA transfers by increasing DMA buffer size

How to configure the size of the pre-allocated DMA buffer for use by 16 bit applications.

The infamous VMM32.VXD tweak

VMM32.VXD is an archive of VXD files, and some have reported improved speed by extracting the VXD files.

Optimizing the dialup handshake in Windows 9x

Make the dialup connection time faster by limiting the dialup protocols to only TCPIP.

Optimize Dialup Modem and Serial port FIFO buffer in Windows 9x

Configure the hardware settings for the dialup modem and serial port for optimal speed.

Increase the limit of concurrent TCPIP connections in Windows 9x

Configuring the TCPIP stack to increase the amount of concurrent connections in Windows 95 / 98 / Me.

Configure TCPIP max transfer unit size in Windows 9x

Description of the registry keys used for configuring the TCP/IP max transfer unit (MTU) size in Windows 95 / 98 / Me.

Configure TCPIP stack settings in Windows 9x

Description of the registry keys used for configuring the TCP/IP stack in Windows 95 / 98 / Me.

Reload the registry by restarting Explorer.exe

How one can reload the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive without needing a restart.

Lock down the network connection

There are several security issues one should take care of when having a network connection.

Finding the optimal TCPIP max transfer unit size

Using PING to test the network connection and finding the best TCP/IP max transfer unit (MTU).

Creating file shares that are hidden

Hiding a file-share by changing the name.

Using file compare to see changes made to the registry

How to see the registry changes of a certain action by using the file compare utility.

Modify the Windows registry with registry files

How to add and remove registry entries from the Windows registry using .reg files

Create keyboard shortcut to quickly launch a program

How to configure a keyboard shortcut as a hotkey to quickly start an application.

Unplug hardware if Windows fails to install properly

Troubleshooting what is causing Windows not to install properly.

Microsoft Office graphics filters for Mspaint

Microsoft Office graphic filters allows programs like Mspaint to work with formats like jpeg and gif.

Make screendump of the desktop using Print Screen

How to use the keyboard key "Print Screen" to make a screen dump.

Microsoft Regclean

Registry cleaner to remove entries from the registry.

Faster boot times by using static IP instead of DHCP

Description of how to configure a computer network without a DHCP server.

Force Windows 9x to redetect all hardware

Make Windows 9x redetect all hardware in case one is migrating to a new computer.

Bypass the loading of programs at Windows startup

Holding down the SHIFT key during Windows startup will stop applications from loading.

Windows 98 SE Msconfig

Utility to see what applications are configured to load at Windows startup.

Configure the amount of spare stack pages

Increasing the amount of spare stack pages to handle stack overflow by bad drivers.

Microsoft Tweak UI

Microsoft powertoy for changing hidden settings in Microsoft Windows.

Create special folders where you want them

Shortcuts can be created to most of the special folders available in Windows Explorer.

Microsoft Hardware Diagnostic Tool

Unlocking the hidden hardware diagnostic tool using a command line parameter.

Defrag hard disk partitions to speed up file operations

List of steps to perform before starting a file defragmentation on a hard disk partition.

Defrag command line switches

List of the available command line switches for defrag.

Extend context menu with "Open with..." for all files

Configure the context-menu when right-clicking any file to show "Open with..."

Change the source path for the install files in Windows 9x

Configure the path to the location of the install files whether on CD-ROM or HDD.

Configure Autorun for the CD-ROM drives in Windows 9x

Configure whether to automatically launch application when inserting a CD or DVD disk.

Scandisk command line switches

List of the available command line switches for scandisk.

Mount NTFS partitions inside Windows 9x

NTFS device driver for accessing NTFS partitions inside Windows 9x.

Windows 95 Kernel Toys

Kernel toys are small utilities created by Microsoft to make life easier.

Configure the DOS prompt refresh rate within Windows

Increasing the DOS prompt refresh rate to make the display smoother.

Windows Explorer command line switches

Windows Explorer allows one to specify what folder to display when launched.

Configure the file allocation unit to minimize file fragmentation.

How to configure the size of continuous space it will look for when performing file allocation.

Configure the asynchronous disk access buffer

How to increase the size of the page buffer to hold more memory pages when doing disk access.

Stop Setver.exe from loading automatically into memory

How to block Setver.exe from loading to save conventional memory.

Reserve the upper memory block to free conventional memory

How to reserve the upper memory block and load the dos enviroment in high memory to free conventional memory.

Configure the disk cache to improve disk performance

How to configure the disk cache for faster file operations.

Configure the name cache for faster file lookup

How to change the role of the computer to be "Network Server".

Configure IDE ATA hard disk to use DMA transfer

How to configure Windows 9x to use DMA for IDE ATA hard drives.

Manage temporary files to minimize file fragmentation

How temporary files cause file fragmentation and different RAM disk options.

Configure Windows 9x startup with Msdos.sys

List of the different settings available in Msdos.sys.

Configure the page file for best performance

Finding the the optimal size and location for the Windows swap file.

Apply the DirextX runtime installer after updating drivers

Update the DirectX runtime after installing new drivers to prevent conflicts.

Configure what fonts to load in memory

Uninstall unneeded fonts to speed up boot times and free memory.

Change the color of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

How to change the color of the BSOD to make it easier to read or just for fun.

Disable visual effects to make the desktop faster

Speed up the Windows experience by disabling unneeded visual effects.

Configure timeout for application termination

Change when an application is considered as deadlocked and should be terminated.

Configure the DOS prompt inside Windows 9x

Using a batch file to configure the DOS prompt when starting it from the Windows desktop.

Windows 95 Power Toys

Power Toys are small utilities created by Microsoft to make life easier.

Update hardware drivers and firmware to improve stability

Description of how the drivers and firmware for the computer hardware should be updated to get the best performance.

Using "Send To" for easy access to useful actions

How to use the "Send To" feature to perform often used file operations.

Customize the right-click menu in Windows Explorer

Adding own actions to the context menu when right clicking a file in Windows Explorer.

Update Windows to improve security and fix errors

Description of how Microsoft Windows requires constant updating to get the best performance.

Using DosStart.bat to configure DOS when leaving Windows

Load DOS drivers when leaving Windows, instead of loading them before Windows starts.

Open files of an unknown type with notepad

Configure the default behavior to use notepad, when opening a file with unknown type.

Configure the cluster size of the hard disk partition

How to change the cluster size of a partition with description of the different filesystems and their limitations.

Quick restart by holding down the shift-key

How to use the Shift-key on the keyboard to activate faster reboot.