Category: Network

Disable IPv6 imaginary tunnel network interfaces

IPv6 network tunnel interfaces makes you open for network attacks, and introduces an overhead.

Configure initial congestion window to speed up TCP slow start

Description of how TCP slow start can introduce latency for short living and long living TCP connections.

Turn a computer into a WIFI hotspot

How to create a wireless network between two computers without needing a wireless router.

Compound TCP (CTCP) can speed up TCP Slow Start

Compound TCP (CTCP) can improve the throughput for high bandwidth and high latency connections, by improving TCP slow start.

Activate support for Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)

Explicit Congestion Notification improves congestion handling for the TCP/IP protocol.

NDIS 6 hardware features that increases network performance

Windows can activate NDIS 6 network hardware features for offloading the system processor.

Configure TCPIP Max Transfer Unit (MTU) size

Changing the Max Transfer Unit (MTU) to avoid packet fragmentation and connection loss.

TCP/IP RWIN Auto-Tuning can slow down network

Not all network routers supports the tcpip receive window scaling flag used by Windows Vista.

The TCPIP nagle algorithm can slow down network

Description of the nagle algorithm effects on the network throughput, and how to configure the delayed ACK.