Category: Desktop

Faster Start Menu navigation with integrated search

Utilities to make it easier to browse the Start-menu and increase productivity

Send To Toys

Utility that can extend the functionality of the sendto context menu.

Extend the Windows Explorer context menu with Copy Path

Make it easier to copy the location of a file to the clipboard.

Change the display of drive-letters in Windows Explorer

Control in what order the drive letter and label should be shown in My Computer.

Create shortcut to "Run..." in the Start Menu

The Run... option in the Start Menu can be launched using a shortcut.

Install support for zip files as compressed folders

Extension for the Windows Explorer so zip files can be opened like a normal directory.

Configure the caching of thumbnails in thumbs.db

Thumbnail View uses a cache to allow quicker viewing of folders with pictures, and one can change the quality of these thumbnails.

Change OEM branding of System Properties

System Properties can be modified to display company name or company pictures.

Customize folders using the Active Desktop Web View

Active Desktop enables customization of folders like they were web pages.

Configure the Windows taskbar

Changing the behavior and visual appearance of the task bar.

Configure the taskbar Start Menu

Changing the behavior and visual appearance of the Start Menu.

Remove listing of recent shares in My Network places

Shortcuts to network shares visited will automatically be added to My Network Places.

Configure zip and cab files as compressed folders

Open zip and cab files in Windows Explorer like they were normal directory with files.

Extend context menu with Move To and Copy To options

Add "Copy To Folder..." and "Move To Folder..." when right-clicking a file.

Display the Windows version on the desktop

When BETA testing Windows versions then it can be rather useful to easily see the build version on the desktop.

Remove warning about modifying contents in the Windows-folder

Active Desktop makes it posssible to customize folders, and so the Windows folder is customized to avoid messing with the Windows system files.

Creating the Show Desktop shortcut

The Show Desktop shortcut in the quick launch bar can be restored if deleted.

Create keyboard shortcut to quickly launch a program

How to configure a keyboard shortcut as a hotkey to quickly start an application.

Create special folders where you want them

Shortcuts can be created to most of the special folders available in Windows Explorer.

Windows Explorer command line switches

Windows Explorer allows one to specify what folder to display when launched.

Using "Send To" for easy access to useful actions

How to use the "Send To" feature to perform often used file operations.

Customize the right-click menu in Windows Explorer

Adding own actions to the context menu when right clicking a file in Windows Explorer.