Category: Web Browser

Open PDF in Internet Explorer 11 with Adobe Reader

How to fix Adobe Reader X so it will work with Internet Explorer 11 (x64) Enhanced Protection Mode

Configure number of rows to show in New Tab Page (about:tabs)

How to increase the number of icons displayed for "Your most popular sites" (IE9) or "Frequent sites" (IE10) when you open the about:Tabs page (New Tab page)

Reopen last browing session in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

How to restore the tab session in Internet Explorer 8.

Increase the number of concurrent HTTP connections

Allow multiple downloads and better AJAX performance by increasing HTTP connection limit.

Enable auto-tuning of RWIN in Internet Explorer on Vista

Configure TCPIP receive window auto-tuning for HTTP connections for faster download.

My favorites plugins for Mozilla Firefox

Plugins and setting tweaks for Mozilla Firefox.

Change the User Agent string in Internet Explorer 7

Utility for changing the User Agent string for Internet Explorer 7.

Customize the looks of Internet Explorer 7

Registry settings for changing the user interface of Internet Explorer 7.

Configure Internet Explorer HTTP send buffer for faster upload

Increase the winsock send buffer to make file uploading faster (Ex. file attachments in webmail).

Start Internet Explorer with extensions and addons disabled

Disabling the browser helper objects can be useful when troubleshooting Internet Explorer.

Disable restriction warning when viewing XML files

Internet Explorer is restricted to not run scripts when viewing local webpages.

Configure the Attachment Manager in Windows XP SP2

Windows XP SP2 includes the ability to mark files downloaded from the Internet as insecure and block access to them.

Configure header and footer when printing web-pages

Internet Explorer has the ability to print web-pages and can put a custom header and footer on the printed page.

Configure the popup blocker in Internet Explorer

Windows XP SP2 extends the Internet Explorer with a popup blocking feature.

Extend Internet Explorer context-menu

Extending the right click context menu in Internet Explorer with different useful actions.

Remove Links-folder from Internet Explorer favorites

Deleting the Links folder from the Internet Explorer bookmarks.

Faster Acrobat Reader startup with optional plugins

Acrobat Reader can be quite slow to open PDF files in Internet Explorer.

Starting Internet Explorer in full screen

Different ways for starting Internet Explorer in full screen mode.

Extend Internet Options to include your own tweaks

Internet Options can be extended to easily configure other settings in Internet Explorer.

Configure autocomplete for Internet Explorer

Configure the behavior of auto completion in Internet Explorer.

Reinstall Internet Explorer in Windows XP

How to reinstall Internet Explorer in Windows XP.

Clear Temporary Internet Files cache at exit

How to configure Internet Explorer, so it will empty its cache at program exit.

Backup or restore Internet Explorer bookmarks

Internet Explorer favorites are stored as lnk shortcuts and can be exported and imported as HTML.

Configure the Temporary Internet Files cache

How to configure the size of the Temporary Internet Files cache.

Restrict Internet Explorer when not accessing trusted sites

Internet Explorer can be locked down so only trusted websites can activate ActiveX and use cookies for tracking.

Internet Explorer 5.0 Web Accessories

Internet Explorer powertoys adds additional useful features for viewing webpages.

Internet Explorer 4.0 Powertoys

Internet Explorer powertoys adds additional useful features for viewing webpages.

Repair Internet Explorer when it is no longer working

Different steps for how to fix a broken Internet Explorer.

More than 2 downloads at a time with Internet Explorer

The HTTP 1.1 specification dictates that a browser should only be allowed to have two simultaneous download connections.

Using Internet Explorer as FTP client

Internet Explorer can be used for simple FTP browsing.

Using dynamic javascript links in Favorites/Bookmarks

Special javascript bookmarks makes it possible to execute scripts on the web page currently being viewed.

Download install files for Internet Explorer 5 or 6

The install files for Internet Explorer can be downloaded to perform offline installation.

Reset IE Content Advisor password

Recover access to the content advisor configuration by resetting the password.

Configure the branding of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer can be modified to display company name or company pictures.

Enable passive ftp mode in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer can switch been active ftp and passive ftp mode.