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Windows 10 Upgrade with black screen

First impression review of Windows 10 after some upgrade trouble. A meeting between a software developer and Microsoft Windows 10.

Wordpress 4.2 Upgrade

First post after upgrading to Wordpress 4.2 BETA3 (from ver. 2.0) with the following benefits: PHP Engine warnings about being deprecated are gone. Updated theme to use bootstrap, so it works better on mobile devices and Google will not give... Continue Reading →

Zotac ZBox BI320 as HTPC Mediacenter

Personal review of the Zotac ZBox BI320. Nice solution for those who want a near silent Kodi/Xbmc box.

Steam Box alternatives

Candidates for building a SFF computer using Mini-ITX and SFX-PSU

Shuttle XS35GS V3 as HTPC mediacenter

Personal review of the Shuttle XS35GS V3. Nice solution for those who want a completely quiet XBMC box with optional Blu-Ray drive.

Wordpress 2.0 vs. PHP 5.3

Wordpress 2.0 needs some code changes to fix warnings that appears with PHP 5.3

Windows 8 is the monster of Frankenstein

First impression review of Windows 8 with pros and cons (and fixes). A meeting between a software developer and Microsoft Windows 8.

Windows Media Center fails to play avi files with new NVIDIA drivers

MCE gives error message about it cannot play video, but Windows Media Player (WMP) works fine.

Windows 7 SP1 is available

Microsoft have released the first service pack for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. It should be available through Windows Update. There are the following notable changes for the Windows 7 users: Improved HDMI Audio Performance. Support for Advanced Vector... Continue Reading →

SnakeTail have spawned at

Created a new website, where I'm planning to release the different small projects I'm working on. Have now released the tail utility SnakeTail, that is also able to tail Windows EventLogs. No administrator rights are needed and it has... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 Service Guide is up

Have now put up a Windows 7 Service Guide, with a lot of help from the website. It is pretty much the existing Vista Service Guide with some extra services (19 services in total). Also added two small Win7... Continue Reading →

Windows Vista SP2 is available for MSDN subscribers

First the important news, exactly one month ago (22 april) my girlfriend gave birth to my beautiful daughter Kia. Now most of the things in my life have a different priority than before. In other news Microsoft have released the... Continue Reading → went bankrupt and took away my holiday

Had planned a small before-christmas vacation, but this was suddenly changed when the news arrived about my webhost provider had gone bankrupt. Have now been busy restoring the website on another webhost and started the domain transfer. It seems I... Continue Reading →

Upgraded bbPress forum to

First the new articles added: Added Vista Tip about how to analyze boot time performance using the Windows Performance Toolkit. Added WinXP Tip about faster Start-menu navigation using search functionality. Credits Added Vista Tip about the special "All Tasks"... Continue Reading →

Back to work after playing around at CodeProject

Have spent the last few months writing a few articles for During this time the collection of unpublished tips have been growing. Here is a few to start with: Added Vista Tip about how to run programs elevated without... Continue Reading →

Fighting with Vista on a small system partition

I changed from Windows 2000 to Vista some time ago, and low and behold Vista uses a wee bit more disk space. Sadly enough the system partition is only 15 GByte, so it is a "daily" struggle to keep disk... Continue Reading →

Updated service guides with Vista SP1 and WinXP SP3

Microsoft have made Vista even more stable with SP1 (though the major contributor is probably Vista ready drivers), and have at the same time given XP some love by collecting all patches released since SP2 into a single tested SP3... Continue Reading →

Investigating the new Vista networking features

Windows Vista includes support of several new network features if they are available on the network interface card (also possible with Win2k3 SP2). One of the new features is the Receive-side Scaling (RSS), which actually solves the issue of MMCSS... Continue Reading →

Scratching the surface of the Vista boot manager

Seems a lot of people like to save hard-disk space using NTFS compression, but accidently also compresses the boot manager files so it fails to boot. Have added some articles about the Vista Boot Manager and system recovery: Configuration of... Continue Reading →

Upgraded bbPress forum and enhanced blog search

Have now upgraded the bbPress forum to ver. 0.83, eventhough it is marked as an update to be compatible with Wordpress 2.3 then it still works fine with WP 2.0. Have also modified the Wordpress blog search, so now it... Continue Reading →

Adding tagging support

Wordpress 2.3 is about to be released and introduces new features, and I have (like many) been looking forward to the new flexible taxonomy system, which should properly handle post-categories, link-categories and tags all together. Therefore I made a test... Continue Reading →

Site was suspended because of copyright infringement

Yesterday this website was taken down because it was accused of hosting files, which violated copyright restrictions. The program that triggered this situation was TweakNT, which allows one to change a Workstation-edition of Windows into a Server-edition. Dritte haben uns... Continue Reading →

Browsing FTP and WebDAV with Windows Explorer

Was looking at the possibility of mounting a FTP drive as a network drive, and found that there was several things in this area I didn't know. Mapping FTP server as a network drive letter Mapping WebDAV folder as a... Continue Reading →

Yahoo pipes makes it easy to aggregate RSS feeds

Have now configured a news feed which is a mashup of different news sources about Microsoft Windows. It is now much easier to follow multiple news sites without needing to shovel through advertisements. Added Ext2 / Ext3 file system driver... Continue Reading →

Windows Vista Service Guide online

The initial list of Windows Vista services is now ready. Have been borrowing a lot from the following places: - Good description of the services beyond the one-liner from Microsoft, but doesn't have description for all the services yet.... Continue Reading →

Activated gzip compression

Discovered how to activate gzip compression for WP-Cache in IIS, so now the pages should be quicker to load. Updated Internet Explorer Tip about how Reset Internet Explorer Settings can be used to remove branding for IE7. Added Vista Netwok... Continue Reading →

Second day and still running

Have been checking the 404 errors, and have fixed a few redirects. Also confirmed my fear of performance problems when using shared web-hosting, as there was a short moment of 5 minutes where all page request took 15 secs. or... Continue Reading →

First day at with Wordpress

Have been playing around with the blog software Wordpress, and have become so impressed by its functionality, that I have now converted the entire site into a blog. It was quite easy to use this blogging system as a Content... Continue Reading →

Slowly working on moving all the contents to the blog

Have started working on a blog here at, and I'm now slowly working on moving all the contents to the blog. Take a sneak peek if you can guess the URL to the blog. Updated WinNT+ Command Prompt Tip... Continue Reading →

Merry christmas and happy new year

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone, and hopefully you will enter the new year with a full stomach. Added new theme Zune signed by Microsoft. Credits Microsoft Added Internet Explorer Tip about how to increase the HTTP... Continue Reading →