Category: Utilities


Can delete a NTFS partition from DOS.

Partition Resizer

Change the size of the existing partitions without needing to reformat.

DOS Bootdisk

The bootdisk can be used to install or repair the operating system on the computer.

Drive Converter

Convert a FAT16 partition to FAT32 from DOS.

Fdisk with 64 GB support

Disk partitioning utility which is able handle hard disks larger than 64 GB.

Boot Manager

A boot manager can help with running multiple operating systems on the same machine.

Norton Unerase

File recovery utility that supports FAT32 partitions.


Allows one to load device drivers from the command prompt instead of using the config.sys.

Mount NTFS partitions using DOS device driver

Mounts NTFS partitions in DOS, so one can access the files.

Volkov Commander

Very good Norton Commander (NC) clone, which is perfect for a boot disk.

Long-Filename Backup Tool

Backup and restore long filenames in DOS. Useful if working with DOS tools not supporting long filenames.

Old MS-DOS Utilities

Useful DOS utilities available on the Windows 95 CD, which also can be downloaded.