Category: Email Reader

Remove misspelled word from the custom dictionary

How to remove a word from the custom dictionary incase it has been spelled wrong.

Changing from Outlook Express to Mozilla Thunderbird

Solutions to the different barriers that can keep one from moving to Thunderbird.

Fix the automatic email notification in Outlook

Possible solutions when Outlook doesn't recieve instant email notifications from the Exchange server.

Advanced Security for Outlook

Utility that extends the confirmation dialog shown when an addon wants to use Outlook, with more details about the addon.

Backup and restore the Outlook Personal Folders file (PST)

Outlook stores the addresses and emails in a PST file, which one can backup and restore.

Enable dumpster in Outlook to recover deleted messages

When deleting a mail in Outlook, then it can still be restored through the Exchange server.

Outlook safemode command line switch

Starting Outlook in safemode can be useful when troubleshooting Outlook.

Configure Outlook Express for slide show of pictures

Outlook Express has can be used as a picture viewer.

See who really is posting in newsgroups with Outlook Express

When posting to a newsgroup, then a header is also sent which contains of who actual sent the news post.

Take advantage of message rules in Outlook Express

Outlook Express can be configured to perform certain actions when an email is received, which is expressed in message rules.

Backup and restore Outlook Express Address Book

Outlook Express Address Book stores the addresses in a WAB file, which one can backup and restore.

Backup and restore Outlook Express message rules

Outlook Express message rules are stored in the Windows registry, which one can backup and restore.

Backup and restore Outlook Express emails

Outlook Express stores the emails in DBX files, which one can backup and restore.

Minimize Outlook XP to systray instead of using taskbar

Outlook can be minimized to the system tray so it will not be filling up on the taskbar.

Configure Outlook Express branding

How to put the company name in the title of the Outlook Express application.

Configure Outlook Express to use a tougher security policy

Changing Outlook Express to open emails in the Restricted Security zone to improve security.

Stop your Outlook Express from spreading vira

Outlook Express can be used by malicious worms and virus to spread themselves using malformed HTML emails.

Remove the splash screen in Outlook Express / Windows Mail

The splash screen can be useful to see if an application is actually starting, but it can also be disabled.