Setting up an Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)

Microsoft provides a simple firewall in Windows XP that protects from incoming traffic, but it will not block for outgoing traffic maybe caused by a virus that have taken over the computer. Windows XP SP2 includes an updated firewall, which still doesn’t block for outgoing traffic, but it gives a better interface for controlling incoming traffic (File Sharing, Games, etc.)

Technet articles for XP SP2:

Technet articles for XP and XP with Service Pack 1:

To configure if the WinXP SP1 firewall should allow ping:

  1. In Control Panel double click “Networking and Internet Connections”
  2. Right click the connection which you would like to get pinged, and select “Properties”
  3. On the Advanced-tab press the Settings-button
  4. On the ICMP-tab tick “Allow incoming echo request”