USB driver for Windows NT4

Windows NT 4.0 doesn’t have native USB support, but with these free USB drivers it is possible to use USB-keyboard, -mice, -flash disk with that old horse of an operating system.

  • Dell have also created a set of USB drivers for NT4, which have been reported to be working well with many USB devices. The drivers can also be used even if not having a Dell computer.

Note when attaching mass storage devices (Like USB-drives), then one might have to use Disk Management to assign a drive letter manually.

Note there exists hardware that can convert USB to PS/2, so if the problem is attaching an USB keyboard or mouse to a computer running NT4, then it can be solved by using a hardware converter instead of trying to enable USB on Windows NT.

Note these drivers are unsupported, so be careful when applying them to a mission critical system. More Info MS KB196661