Configure the WMI logging level

The Windows Management Instrumentation service maintains logs with informational-, warning-, error-messages:


These logs are mostly necessary for WMI script developers or system administrators when searching for the cause of errors. For the average user these logs makes no sense and can just as well be disabled to avoid unnecessary I/O and defragmentation:

  • To configure logging press Start-button and Run… this command:


  • In the Action-menu select Properties
  • In the Logging-tab one can configure the logging
  • The settings should be reflected in these registry keys:

    Logging = “0” (Errors=”1”, Verbose=”2”, Default = “1”)

    Logging Directory = “%windir%\system32\wbem\logs”

    Log File Max Size = “65536”

    More Info MS KB252679
    More Info MS KB836605

Besides the log file the service continuously maintains a database with information about the machine which resides in this folder and subfolders:


Note one can configure the location of this database:

Installation Directory = “%Windir%\System32\Wbem”
Working Directory = “%Windir%\System32\Wbem”
Repository Directory = “%Windir%\System32\Wbem\Repository”

Note one can configure the size of this database:

Starting Db Size = “400000”
Max DB Size = “400000”

Note one can configure the recording of events:

EnableEvents = “0” (Default = “1”)

Credits Alexander Peter Kowalski (APK)