Create Windows 7 System Repair disk on USB stick

Windows 7 includes an utility to Create a system repair disc that includes Windows Recovery Environment.

The utility can only write to a CD/DVD, so extra steps have to be performed to create an USB stick:

  1. Use the utility to Create a system repair disc and burn it to a CD/DVD
  2. Prepare an USB stick to be bootable:
  3. Insert the USB stick, and let Windows discover the removable disk
  4. Open an Elevated Command Prompt.
  5. Launch the command line disk partitioning utility with this command:


  6. List the available disks on the computer:

    list disk

  7. Choose the removable USB disk (“?” should be the disk number from the list):

    select disk ?

  8. Clean all existing partitions:


  9. Create new partition:

    create partition primary

  10. Mark partition as active:


  11. Format new partition:

    format fs=fat32

  12. Copy the files from the burned CD/DVD to the now prepared USB stick

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