License Logging Service


License Logging Service provides license tracking on a server or Domain Controller (DC).

It will post a warning in the Application Event Log with Event ID 221, if there are more users accessing the machine than there are licenses.

The licenses can be configured on the server by opening the Control Panel and double clicking the Licensing-applet.

Note if running an Exchange Server this service will conflict with the SBS License control, and will block out users even though enough Exchange Server Licenses. Disable this service to avoid the conflict or install the patch MS KB305138.

More Info MS KB153140
More Info MS KB185953
More Info MS KB193218
More Info MS KB273475
More Info MS KB824196

  • Disabled, if on a simple home network.
  • Automatic, if you for some reason has a MS License for your installation.
Default State:
  • Win2k Srv.: Automatic.
  • Win2k3: Disabled.
Process Name:
  • llssrv.exe (LicenseService)
  • None
  • None