Configure Autorun for the CD-ROM drives

It is possible to Disable/Enable the Autorun for all the CDROM drives with this DWORD registry value:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \System \CurrentControlSet \Services \CDRom]

Note to turn off autorun for Audio CDs alone:

  1. Double click My Computer
  2. In the menu select Tools and then Folder Options
  3. Select the tab File Types
  4. Select the registered file type AudioCD press the Advanced button
  5. Without selecting any action press Set Default so no action is performed when an audio cd is inserted (If wanting to reenable the AutoPlay just select the action Play and press Set Default)

Note in WinXP it is possible to configure AutoPlay by selecting properties for the CD-ROM/DVD drive. It is controlled by the Shell Hardware Detection service.

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