Extract boot sector from Windows 2000 CD using CDRWIN

To extract the boot sector from the original Windows 2000 bootable cd with Goldenhawk CDRWIN :

  1. Start CDRWIN and choose the “‘Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors”
  2. Select Extract mode “Select Sectors”
  3. Set image file to be (Drive Letter):\win2kboot\boot.bin
  4. Set File Format to be Automatic
  5. Set the sector selection to sector 20 (by setting start- and end-sector to 20)
  6. Set Data Mode to “Mode1 (2048)” and press start

Note if the above steps seems cumbersome, then one can just download win2kboot.zip and extracting BOOT.BIN to a new folder (Drive Letter):\win2kboot\

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