Make icon text background transparent

Instead of making your windows transparent, then it makes the icon text background on your desktop transparent. Very useful when not wanting to ruin a nice wallpaper.
If using Windows XP one doesn't require an utility:
  1. Open Control Panel -> System Properties -> Advanced-tab -> Settings-button in Performance-section -> Check "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop".
  2. Open Control Panel -> Display Properties -> Desktop-tab -> Customize Desktop-button -> Web-tab -> Uncheck "Lock desktop items" (And also uncheck anything related to Web-content).
  3. If using a wallpaper on the desktop, then make sure it is bitmap (bmp) image and not using a html file as background.


  1. Satya says:

    You do not need any software to have your desktop icon text appear transperant.......
    Be sure to follow all the four steps and it worked on my three computers.and hope it works for you tooo

    1) System Properties>Advanced>Performance Settings>VisualEffects - check
    "use drop shadows for icon labels".

    2) Right-click on Desktop ->Arrange Icons by>Lock Web items must be

    3) If you have any web content on your desktop, transparency won't work.
    To check for web content: Display Properties>Desktop>Customize
    Desktop>Web - make sure all checkboxes are clear.

    4) Wallpaper must be an image file, not html.

  2. snakefoot says:

    You do not need any software to have your desktop icon text appear transperant.......

    Thank you for the extra info, have updated the tip about not using a html file as background for the desktop.


    Make the background transparent for icons

    Generally the background of icons is transparent by some way it turns into some colour this will not be nice to look at isnt it ??
    So try these,

    1)right click on the desktop>arrange icons by>lock web items on desktop (uncheck it)

    If this does not solve ur problem then try

    2)Go to Control Panel>System>Advanced>Performance area>Settings button>Visual Effects tab "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the Desktop".(check it or tick on it)

    this will solve the problem

  4. Lonnie says:

    You were the 10th listing from Google that I tried, but you were the only one I tried that solved the problem. Thank you very much. The problem was under Desktop Properties, WEB. I will be coming here first next time. Great Job.....

  5. sabiuddin says:

    thanks alot friends,

    i solve my problem
    by provided solution

  6. jaynarayan says:

    i am trying to ur process but i can't do dat.

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