went bankrupt and took away my holiday

Had planned a small before-christmas vacation, but this was suddenly changed when the news arrived about my webhost provider had gone bankrupt. Have now been busy restoring the website on another webhost and started the domain transfer. It seems I was lucky with getting hold of the Auth-code, so the domain should be transferred within 5 days.

It is sad that has been taken down, since they provided a very feature rich solution on the Windows platform. Compared to other low-budget webhosting solutions, then there are none in their league (Everyone is on the Linux platform). Really liked the combination of the Helm Control Panel and SmarterTools.

My new webhost is and I'm really surprised how fast my website is performing on this new webhost. The support have also been very helpful in my moment of need, and I'm planning to give them a good review if everything is up and running before new year.

Added some articles while waiting for the domain transfer:


  1. jammit says:

    Talk about a merry friggin' Christmas. I was wondering where you went to. For a second I thought you went belly up, glad to see everything isn't lost.

  2. Snakefoot says:

    jammit wrote:

    For a second I thought you went belly up, glad to see everything isn’t lost.

    Just come home from a vacation in Israel, and I'm happy to see that the website is up and running again.

    I'm very happy about my daily backup, and that I'm using a blogging-tool that supports both the linux and windows platform :)

    Would probably have dropped this website if I had to rewrite all 750 articles again :)

    Hope the financial crisis doesn't come knocking at my door again in the near future.

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