Adding tagging support

Wordpress 2.3 is about to be released and introduces new features, and I have (like many) been looking forward to the new flexible taxonomy system, which should properly handle post-categories, link-categories and tags all together. Therefore I made a test upgrade to see if I had to make any changes to adapt my WP 2.0 blog to the new WP 2.3.

The conversion went a little screwy and it had to be restarted, where it then complained about duplicate taxonomy terms, but then completed. All my category-ids changed around, so the category specific templates had to be renamed, but I also discovered that all my sub-categories had been renamed. Instead of having multiple “File-Sharing” sub-categories, then I had “File-Sharing”, “File-Sharing-2”, “File-Sharing-3” etc.

There is apparently a limitation in the new flexible taxonomy system, so it cannot handle duplicate slugs within the same taxonomy (Though it can handle a link-taxonomy “News” and a post-taxonomy “News”). Ticket #5034.

It would require a rather large coding effort to get the new taxonomy system right (and it would change the API), so I have feeling that I will not be upgrading to WP 2.3 any time soon. Luckily the WP 2.0 is still kept alive and updated with security patches, so I will not have to change blog-platform right away.

I have now instead installed the Wordpress plugin Jerome’s keywords so my website can feel some of that tag-happiness. To test the new tags I have added two articles: - Vista Tip about how to Configure the thumbnail cache for picture preview. Credits My Digital Life.