Site was suspended because of copyright infringement

Yesterday this website was taken down because it was accused of hosting files, which violated copyright restrictions. The program that triggered this situation was TweakNT, which allows one to change a Workstation-edition of Windows into a Server-edition.

Dritte haben uns mitgeteilt, dass auf Ihrem Server unautorisiertes Angebot zum Download vorgehalten wird. In dem Angebot sind Dateien enthalten, welche die Urheberrechte Dritter verletzen.

I was told by my host provider that I should remove all files (not just TweakNT) which could violate any copyrights. Since I like my host provider (cheap and good support), then I have decided to move all binary files to a different host. Hopefully this will keep the website from being closed down again in case of copyright charges.

Have added the following articles to celebrate the website being activated again: