Browsing FTP and WebDAV with Windows Explorer

Was looking at the possibility of mounting a FTP drive as a network drive, and found that there was several things in this area I didn't know. Note if using a Gmail account, then one can use the GMail Drive shell extension (Max 10 MByte files) to map it as a network drive, or use RoamDrive (No file size limit). This is not officially supported by Google, so it will only work as long Google doesn't start blocking it.

Updated: 4 October 2007



  1. Mark says:

    FTP is old and very insecure.
    I use WebDAV in secure mode i.e. by using SSL.

    Check out the BarracudaDrive home server with integrated WebDAV server:

    A really easy to use and cool WebDAV client is Total Commander:

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