Using Internet Explorer as FTP client

Internet Explorer isn't very obvious in how one should connect to non-public FTP's.
If the FTP server requires an account name and password or is using a different port number than the default, then one cannot just write the address for the FTP.

It is possible to give login/passwd and port number in the url:


The login and the passwd is separated with a " : ".
There is a " @ " to separate the address from the login and passwd.
The port-number is separated from the address with a " : ".

If only the address is specified, then the Internet Explorer will login as anonymous with no password and connect to port 21.

Note with Internet Explorer 7 the ability to perform ftp upload has been removed, and one instead have to browse the FTP using Windows Explorer.

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the info! I was trying to figure out how to FTP through a non-standard port.

  2. Harrysat says:

    Thanks for this helpful tutorial, works in any browser and Windows Explorer, and you even can create hyperlinks and desktop shortcuts with it which gives instant access to a remote ftp server without login in.

    Nice website too!

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