DIR2XML is a VBScript that works like the dir command, but outputs the result in a XML file. The XML file can be converted to any other format using XSLT, which gives different possibilities by creating the right XSL file:

  • Scan a directory and output a playlist for all MP3 files (M3U).
  • Scan a directory and output a text report (CSV) that lists all EXE/DLL files with version info.
  • Scan a directory and output a HTML Web Page containing the file names and can be published on the Internet (Example).
How to use:
  1. Download the DIR2XML.ZIP and extract it to a directory
  2. Go to the directory and double-click DIR2XML.VBS, and a directory-dialog will popup
  3. Use the directory-dialog to specify the directory to scan (Careful directories with many files will take a long time to scan)
  4. Press Ok and it will scan the directory, when having scanned the directory it will say “DIR2XML Completed”
  5. The directory with DIR2XML.VBS will now also contain two new files DIR2XML.XML and DIR2XML.HTML, which can be viewed by Internet Explorer
Version history:
  • Version 1.0 (Initial)
    • Outputs file-name, -path, -type, -extension, -version, -size, -modified date
    • Outputs the file details sorted by directory and then filename
    • Support command line arguments for specifying xml-, xsl- and output-file
    • Includes a simple XSL for converting the XML into XHTML