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Wordpress 2.0 vs. PHP 5.3

Wordpress 2.0 needs some code changes to fix warnings that appears with PHP 5.3

Configure number of rows to show in New Tab Page (about:tabs)

How to increase the number of icons displayed for "Your most popular sites" (IE9) or "Frequent sites" (IE10) when you open the about:Tabs page (New Tab page)

Windows 8 is the monster of Frankenstein

First impression review of Windows 8 with pros and cons (and fixes). A meeting between a software developer and Microsoft Windows 8.

Configure initial congestion window to speed up TCP slow start

Description of how TCP slow start can introduce latency for short living and long living TCP connections.

Improve latency for TCP by not waiting for Push flag

Description of how the Push Flag in the TCP Header can optimize network buffer usage, but can increase latency.