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Installing NTBackup on Windows 7 / 2008 R2

Windows 7 / 2008 R2 does not include the NtBackup utility by default.

Troubleshoot problems with entering sleep mode

Diagnose what is preventing your computer from entering sleep mode, or wakes it prematurely.

Perform clean install using Windows 7 upgrade

Install Windows 7 using only the upgrade DVD without needing to install it twice.

Disable the blur-effect of the glass window border

How to disable blurring of windows in the background, and get full clear glass transparency.

Mapping network printer to LTP1

How to solve access denied error when trying to map network printer to LPT1

Windows 7 Service Guide is up

Have now put up a Windows 7 Service Guide, with a lot of help from the website. It is pretty much the existing Vista Service Guide with some extra services (19 services in total). Also added two small Win7... Continue Reading →

Software Protection

Description and recommended settings for the Software Protection service.

WWAN AutoConfig

Description and recommended settings for the WWAN AutoConfig Service.

Windows Biometric Service

Description and recommended settings for the Windows Biometric Service.