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Back to work after playing around at CodeProject

Have spent the last few months writing a few articles for During this time the collection of unpublished tips have been growing. Here is a few to start with: Added Vista Tip about how to run programs elevated without... Continue Reading →

Restore search context menu option in Vista SP1+

The "Search..." context menu option has been removed with Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Change OEM branding of the Welcome Center

The Welcome Center applet can be modified to display OEM name and logo.

Enable auto-tuning of RWIN in Internet Explorer on Vista

Configure TCPIP receive window auto-tuning for HTTP connections for faster download.

Custom 404 page on IIS with correct http return code

Creating a custom 404 page for WordPress running on IIS.

Fighting with Vista on a small system partition

I changed from Windows 2000 to Vista some time ago, and low and behold Vista uses a wee bit more disk space. Sadly enough the system partition is only 15 GByte, so it is a "daily" struggle to keep disk... Continue Reading →

Optimize processor power management

Use power management to throttle the processor when idle, and get a cool CPU temperature.

Use NTFS compression to save disk space

NTFS compression can compress / decompress files on the fly and save disk space and minimize needed hard disk I/O

Setting the default folder view for all folders

How to configure the Windows Explorer to display all folders the same way.