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Copying files when the DVD or CD is scratched

When the media is filled with bad sectors, then one can still try to recover the good bits.

Configure Windows Search to index file contents

Configure Windows Search index filters to perform indexing of document and spreadsheets using IFilters.

Access exFAT partitions from Windows XP

How to install the Vista exFAT file system driver on Windows XP.

Activate support for Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)

Explicit Congestion Notification improves congestion handling for the TCP/IP protocol. went bankrupt and took away my holiday

Had planned a small before-christmas vacation, but this was suddenly changed when the news arrived about my webhost provider had gone bankrupt. Have now been busy restoring the website on another webhost and started the domain transfer. It seems I... Continue Reading →

Upgraded bbPress forum to

First the new articles added: Added Vista Tip about how to analyze boot time performance using the Windows Performance Toolkit. Added WinXP Tip about faster Start-menu navigation using search functionality. Credits Added Vista Tip about the special "All Tasks"... Continue Reading →

Access special folders easily using the shell command

How to use the shell keyword to quickly access special folders like the Send To folder.

All Tasks can be accessed through a special Control Panel

The All Tasks folder gives a quick overview of all the options available in the Control Panel.

Faster Start Menu navigation with integrated search

Utilities to make it easier to browse the Start-menu and increase productivity

Analyze boot time performance on Vista

Windows Vista will automatically optimize the boot times, but there can be situations where the boot times remains very slow.