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No boot device found or available

Computer cannot start if no proper boot device exists, or if the active boot device fails.

Upgraded bbPress forum and enhanced blog search

Have now upgraded the bbPress forum to ver. 0.83, eventhough it is marked as an update to be compatible with Wordpress 2.3 then it still works fine with WP 2.0. Have also modified the Wordpress blog search, so now it... Continue Reading →

Windows XP Home cannot join domain, but can access shares

By changing the workgroup of Windows XP Home, then it is possible to get access to domain shares.

Adding tagging support

Wordpress 2.3 is about to be released and introduces new features, and I have (like many) been looking forward to the new flexible taxonomy system, which should properly handle post-categories, link-categories and tags all together. Therefore I made a test... Continue Reading →

Jerome's keywords for Wordpress 2.0

Description of the different updates and fixes available for Jerome's keywords.

Configure the thumbnail cache for picture preview

The thumbnail cache allows the Windows Explorer to show preview of pictures, but also makes the browsing slower.

Defrag command line switches

List of the available command line switches for defrag.

Site was suspended because of copyright infringement

Yesterday this website was taken down because it was accused of hosting files, which violated copyright restrictions. The program that triggered this situation was TweakNT, which allows one to change a Workstation-edition of Windows into a Server-edition. Dritte haben uns... Continue Reading →