Archive for 2006

Repair the builtin disk defragmenter

The disk defragmenter will fail to load if it not registered properly, or if the services it depends on are disabled.

Change the display of share comment in My Network Places

Control in what order the share name and share comment should be shown in My Network Places.

Change the display of drive-letters in Windows Explorer

Control in what order the drive letter and label should be shown in My Computer.

Fix the automatic email notification in Outlook

Possible solutions when Outlook doesn't recieve instant email notifications from the Exchange server.

Configure memory manager to minimize memory fragmentation

Memory manager should only mark a continuous memory block as free when the block has reached a certain size.

Debugging Tools

Microsoft Windbg makes it possible to diagnose what caused a BSOD, so one can replace the device that caused it.

Restore boot manager when NTLDR is missing

Windows NT will fail to boot if it cannot find the files used to load the boot manager.

Description of the kernel memory area in Windows NT

How the kernel memory area is divided into the different page pools.

USB driver for Windows NT4

Open access to USB devices in Windows NT4 by installing these USB drivers.

Access-based Enumeration

Windows 2003 addon which hides folders within a share, that the user cannot access anyway.