Archive for 2005

PolicyMaker Registry Extension

Utility for creating group policy ADM files from registry files.

Configure header and footer when printing web-pages

Internet Explorer has the ability to print web-pages and can put a custom header and footer on the printed page.

Description of Automatic TCP/IP Addressing

Details of how the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) takes over if no DHCP server is found.

Configure caching of remote customized folders

Enable caching of desktop.ini can improve the speed of browsing custom folders on remote computers.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Security utility for checking if computer is infected with malware, and if so remove it.

Backup and restore the Outlook Personal Folders file (PST)

Outlook stores the addresses and emails in a PST file, which one can backup and restore.

Utilities to configure file associations in Windows Explorer

Utilities that makes it easier to modify the Windows Explorer context menu for the different filetypes.

No more than 10 concurrent connections to a remote computer

Windows Professional / Home edition includes limitation for not handling more than 10 SMB connections.

Restrict access to the USB storage devices

USB makes it easy to attach a storage device and steal valuable data from a computer.