Archive for 2004

Install support for zip files as compressed folders

Extension for the Windows Explorer so zip files can be opened like a normal directory.

Security Center

Description and recommended settings for the Windows Security Center service (WSCSVC).

Network Provisioning Service

Description and recommended settings for the Network Provisioning service.

DCOM Server Process Launcher

Description and recommended settings for the DCOM Server Process Launcher service.

Configure the caching of thumbnails in thumbs.db

Thumbnail View uses a cache to allow quicker viewing of folders with pictures, and one can change the quality of these thumbnails.

Configure the Task Scheduler Log

How to configure the location and size of the task scheduler log with all its events.

Configure the Shutdown Event Tracker

The shutdown event tracker forces the user to give a reason for restarting the computer.

Recover Windows installation by repair or reinstall

Different solutions for recovering a broken Windows installation.

Using Last Known Good Configuration

The Last Known Good Configuration makes it possible to rollback to the previous good state of the system registry hive.

Using Recovery Console to restore registry files

The Recovery Console allows one to restore the registry as part of system recovery.