Archive for 2001

Make icon text background transparent

Fix the background color for the icon text, so it doesn't ruin your favorite desktop wallpaper.

Make any window transparent

Utility that can enhance any window with the transparent glass effect.

Windows 98 SE Service Pack

Microsoft Windows 98 updates put into a single package.

Diagnose performance issues with IDE ATA hard disk

Description of different causes and solutions to hard disk performance problems.

XPInfo can display the hardware changes since activation

XPInfo was developed in the proces of trying to discover how Windows Product Activation works.

Install the deprecated NetBEUI protocol

How to install the NetBEUI protocol eventhough no longer a supported network protocol.

Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network makes it possible to make a secure connection to another network through an insecure network.

Stop Regedit from remembering previous location

Configure whether the registry editor should show the last registry location when started.

Activate Application Compatibility-Mode in Windows 2000

Show the "Compatibility"-tab when selecting Properties for a shortcut.

Windows XP setup boot floppy disks

Using floppy disks to perform the install of Windows XP.