Archive for 2001

Configure the logical prefetcher for faster application start

Microsoft Windows can speed up the launch of application by prefetching the data the application usually request at startup.

Media Player 8 extension for MP3 recording

To record audio as MP3 in Windows Media Player then one needs to buy a license for the MP3 codec.

Media Player 8 extension for DVD play

To play DVD's in Windows Media Player one needs to buy a license for the MPEG2 codec.

Killer replacement 98SE -> Me

Update Windows 98 using the install files from Windows Me.

Windows 98 Revolutions Pack

Bring your old Windows 98 desktop into the new millenium.

Windows virtual desktop management utilities

Virtual Desktop Manager utilities can give even more room on the Windows desktop.

Changing the available bit rates for encoding mp3

Configure the bit rate of the predefined quality levels for mp3 encoding in Media Player 8.

Windows Shell Replacement

Alternative window shells that to change the desktop experience.