I started to hear them in late public school. They play metal, though they have shifted towards the rock-genre. My favorite album is “Load”.

The web-page is pretty boring and mostly about sell, sell sell.

Type O Negative

Met them while being in college. They play heavy rock and have a sexist / perverse twist to them. My favorite album is “Bloody Kisses”.

The web-page is a fan site, since there is no official web site.


Got introduced to them at high school. They play aggressive metal and sometimes comes near speed-metal. Must admit I haven’t listened much to them since that time. My favorite album is “Vulgar display of Power”

The web-page is looks very good, it is possible to listen to their music.


Their march like music combined with the german lyrics, makes them almost irresistible.

My favorite album is “Sehnsuckt”

Black Sabbath

My first metal band which i learned to know in public school. They are markers for the metal music in the 70-80’ies. I prefer the albums where Ozzy was still in the band (Though it seem he came back for a tour). They have had a great influence on my life, and i’m forever thankful. My favorite album is “Master of Reality”.

The web-page is very informative with biography and discography.

Deep Purple

Deep Purple is also considered as being part of the birth of metal music. They sure made my career as paperboy a lot easier, so didn’t feel lonesome on my route. My favorite album is “Machine Head”.

The web-page is a little strange looking, it tries to look like a newspaper called Highway Star.

Ill Disposed

The first band in which I got album after starting to get interested in Death Metal. It is a danish band and even if the danish metal scene ain’t big they are quite good. My favorite album is “Something Rotten in the State of Denmark”.


A danish metal-group, though lately they have turned towards the more rock like tunes. But their earlier albums are alright and have a few tracks which give me those nice chills. My favorite album is “The first 9”.


After discovering the harder metal then it was inevitable that I stumbled into Entombed. Their music can nothing but increase adrenaline in ones blood.
My favorite album is “To ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth”


The somewhat first band to introduce Seattle grunge globally. Which it did when I was taking my steps in high school. The most aggressive band in that grouping and there are time where even it sounds more like metal. Sadly enough as the whole world know Kurt Cobain committed suicide and so did the band die. My favorite album is “Nevermind” :o).


Is grouped into the grunge-genre and is definitely one of the better ones. A band which spans from music in which to stone to music in which to rage. Which is noticeable when hearing the songs from the album “Bad moterfinger” to “Black Hole Sun”.

Smashing Pumpkins

They lean towards guitar rock, but has now moved towards the more heavy tunes, and they won’t do any more records sadly enough. My favorite album is “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”.


One of the best pop bands I know, though many would say they are a rock band. But to me the sound is so soft compare to rock that it is has to be pop. My favorite album is their first album “Garbage”.

Nick Cave and the bad Seeds

The master of strange lyrics and ballads. He is an old timer who is a heavy abuser of drugs. My favorite album is “Murder ballads”.

Grant Lee Buffalo

An extremely good rock band, who’s music is so unique and incredible that you can hear it almost forever without getting tired of it. My favorite album is “Fuzzy”.


Walking in the same shoes as Grant Lee Buffalo, but comes from Norway.


Known and loved by almost everyone.

Primal Scream

They are an extraordinary band which changes their style frequently. They play almost anything rock, pop, gospel, techno. My favorite album is “Screamadelica”.

Portis Head

Capable of doing the trip hop with almost stunning sadness. Making the listener aware of the fact that one is not alone when not always having feelings of joy. My favorite album is “Dummy”.


Combining easy pop with experimental sounds and beats, creating a world of small surprises.


Makes you relax like you were sitting in the most comfortable chair in the world. Great when waking up after a night out.

My favorite album “Big Calm”.


Took the world by a storm with album “Play” which took ones foot as victim, for it to tap to the music.
The earlier music by Moby is way different from “Play”, it is more mainstream rock.
My favorite album “Play”

The Doors

Mostly famous for their wild living and the movie which was made about them. But the Lizard King with company did actually make some really good music. My favorite album is “The Doors”.

Led Zeppelin

Another asset to rock’n’roll, they have been an inspiration for many, and many to come. My favorite album is “Stairway to Heaven”.

Alice in Chains

Playing slow riding rock, which for many takes some time to get used to. But usually one learn to love the way they play. My favorite album is “Jar of Flies”.

Sex Pistols

With Johnny Rotten being the main-character, as is typical with lead-singers. Has provoked a lot of people with their punk/rock attitude and stage acting. My favorite album is “Never mind the Bollocks”.


The name “Visual Audio Sensory Theater” is pretty strange. But the music is easy to love, with its broad sound combining several instruments in one sound.

My favorite album is “Visual Audio Sensory Theater”

The White Stripes

Jack and Meg White plays great rock that chills your bones. Very catchy tunes and excellent guitar play. Favorite album is “White Elephant”.

The Sandmen

Danish rock.


Danish rock.

Sort Sol

Danish rock.


Danish rock.

Red Warszawa

Danish metal.

Marcy Playground

English pop music.

Monster Magnet


Depeche Mode

Pop music.

Rage against the Machine

Guitar rap.

Claw Finger

Guitar rap.

The Chemical Brothers

Club music.

Fatboy Slim

Club music.

Daft Punk

Club music.


Club music.

Astral Projection


Man with no Name






Johnny Hefty

Danish hip hop with lots of humor.

Fever Ray

Karin Dreijer Andersson is also part of the amazing duo The Knife, but her solo project is a door into a beautiful and stunning world that is weaved together of electronic samples and voice distortion. If she ever comes by and plays at your door, then you should go experience a concert with her as they are rare and wonderful. My favorite album is “Fever Ray”


Tiga plays enjoyable and danceable techno, where the vocal is one of the main instruments. My favorite album is “Sexor”


Lounge and chill out music, where the the vocal is in the same league as Enya
My favorite album is “Poem”


Amazing hard hitting rock music which is excellent for kick starting a party.

My favorite album is “Get Born”

Mark Lanegan

Has the vocal of Johnny Cash, and have also been playing around with that genre. But his past in the band Queens of the Stoneage shines through and gives a good twist of electric guitar.

My favorite album is “Bubblegum”